Turmax Turbocharger

TURMAX is a twenty years experienced company, specialized in engine supercharging, from applications on petrol engines to the partnership with the most important officials and private race team.


The main fields, which TURMAX operates in, are:

  • Rally groups N-A-B
  • Competition truck races
  • Every type of boats, from standard engine rework to Off-shore competition appliances
  • Italian and European touring car championship

TURMAX reworks, modifies and sells all the turbocharger brands. Picks up, delivers and ensures every kind of work done in Italy and abroad.



Off_shoreThe experience and the professional level of TURMAX came out from the collaboration with some of the most important Rally Teams, which: Nocentini, Jolly Club, Fiat Car (“Abarth”), “Alpha Run”, etc.

The Technical Chief of TURMAX has worked in world, European and Italian championship of Rally, both in the A Group and in the N Group. Important results has come in the Trophy Tradition “Earth and Climb”, that for many years have maintained the title of Champion.

Great results have been achieved with Lancia Delta, Ford Escort, and then with Mitsubishi Lancer. At the same time, Turmax took care of some racing boats in Offshore Championship.

Off_shore_raceWith the expansion of turbocharged engines, TURMAX has been turn up and specialized in the world of the turbochargers and the development /upgrade of the supercharged engines.

All the acquired engine’s experiences of these years, have leaded Turmax to develop also the engines electronics management: from reprogramming originals ECU, to the application of electronic managements to competition engines.

Class one_qatar

In the 2003 Turmax has followed in exclusive Italy’s Trophy N Group Racer MG105 ZR.

In the 2004 Turmax entered also the nautical field, later on the demand for a Shipyard that installing a kit imported from foreign country (comprising the volumetric compressor and the reprogramming of the ECU) complained the breaking of various engines.


F1_marine_Fabio_ComparatoOur task, successful executed, has been that to reprogram ECU in correct way and to restore all the original and native functions (reading diagnosis and Smart Kraft) Since 2005 to this day, Turmax reprograms ECU of various categories of OFF-SHORE with off-board engines, in Italy and abroad.


UIM_F1_MercuryIn 2006/2007 Turmax cooperates with Skema Co. – Modena, Italy – to the development of the injection ECU’s software of the Mercury’s engines HP1075 Sci 1075HP, who races in CLASS ONE WORLD POWERBOAT CHAMPIONSHIP.

Technical sponsors 2009/2010 for the boat of Fabio Comparato – Inshore UIM F1 World Championship 2010

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